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Howto: ARP monitoring for Gentoo Linux

This is a little tool that informs "root" about new MACs in the network via syslog and mail. This monitors the activities of computers in Your network.

If you want to use this solution you need the following howto(s) finished:

Required software

The required software has to be installed with the following command(s):
emerge net-analyzer/arpwatch

Changes in /etc/conf.d/arpwatch

File permissions:
Owner: root
Group: root
Permissions: -rw-r--r--

Click here for a download of the complete file: /etc/conf.d/arpwatch

Changed on 09.03.08
Issued by olli
Beginning line 14

The interfaces arpwatch should watch.

Before change
After change

Setting up services

For starting the new service after system reboot you should add it to a runlevel with the following command(s):

rc-update add arpwatch 

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